Managing Facebook pages can be tricky.

Suppose a friend or customer “likes” your organization’s Facebook page. They’ll now receive all your updates, and, in a nice ripple effect, their friends will see the updates, too.


The hidden setting is for people to receive updates by “default,” which means they might not see your updates at all (due to the sheer volume of all the other pages they already like). Each individual has to change her or his settings to see updates more often. Here’s how:

Ask your friends to change their settings to see "all updates" of your Facebook page.

Ask your friends to change their settings to see updates of your Facebook page.

Here are the steps people can take to keep up with the news and posts you’re sharing:
1) Be sure they’ve selected “Like”
2) Look for the “Following” button
3) Select “First” to see updates

VoilĂ . Here’s to building stronger ties to your fans — and growing your base.

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