Heard any big ideas lately?

I just heard of a beautiful and touching one: the Anne Frank Sapling Project.

Seeds from the chestnut tree that Anne Frank saw when she was in hiding from the Nazis have been nurtured and grown into saplings. Now 11 of them will be planted in the U.S!

Anne Frank Sapling Project

Anne Frank Sapling Project


I learned about all this from an AP article on sfgate.com. It mentioned in passing that one would be planted in California. It’s a big state! Where in California?

Answer: Sonoma State.

Here’s a list of the other US locations that will be home to these saplings.

Congratulations to all who’ve worked to make this project a reality.

What a brilliant, living tribute to hope and life — and a new coda to the heartbreaking story of Anne Frank and all the other Holocaust victims who perished.

Update: Here’s more info about the tree planting.
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5 years ago

Thanks for sharing, Laurie. I agree — it’s a wonderful idea. So many young impressionable minds will be given an opportunity to learn who Anne Frank and all the other Holocaust victims are and what a wonderful way, as you wrote, through a living tribute to hope and life. I was able to visit Anne Frank’s hiding place on a visit to Amsterdam in ’96 and was so focused on the house and ordinariness of the neighborhood I totally do not remember the tree. I want to find my memorabilia to see if there’s a picture of it. From such an everyday ordinary location came such an extraordinary young woman. I am happy to hear the Anne Frank House has come up with such a beautiful way to keep her legacy alive.

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