A friend dared me to write an eBook and the first topic that popped into my mind was moderating panel discussions. It’s a role I find challenging and fun, and I felt I had some insights that others might find useful.  In fact, a few years ago, I volunteered to moderate a discussion and when I was selected, I scrambled to remember all the tips and tricks I’d figured out years before. At the very least, the eBook would be a reminder to me!  You can read it on scribd.com.

Now there’s a SlideShare presentation.

Discover my 3 DON’Ts and many DO’s including the golden rule of all communication, plus the secret sauce….

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Kat Gordon

7 years ago

I believe a moderator can make or break a panel. Excited to hear what you have to share via your video recording.

Molly Walker

7 years ago

Glad to see you’re blogging. Looking forward to learning more about the golden rule of communication.


7 years ago

Hi Molly, thanks for stopping by! The golden rule of communication, as you know, is…always focus on the audience. Make your panel lively, informed and effective for your audience, and you will help ensure your event’s success. As I mention in my webinar, Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group says he thinks of conference audiences as his customers, which is the right approach.

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