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I was the perfect audience for Lucy Bernholz.

I was, by turns, dazzled and inspired by “Open Philanthropy,” her June 7 talk at Personal Democracy Forum, a New York City-based conference for big thinkers, policy people and tech types. When she said early on that she hoped to convert the 800 of us into philanthropy wonks, I applauded.

She shared big ideas I’d never thought of. I was wow-ed and immediately started thinking of several people I wanted to inform about her talk. Her thesis: Foundations should open up and share information they’ve previously kept only to themselves, even if it’s just to share which grants they’ve turned down.

Watch above or read the transcript on Lucy’s blog, Philanthropy 2173.

The only thing to make it more perfect is if I were the head of a vast foundation able to put Bernholz’s revolutionary ideas into action immediately (or as soon as I convinced my board).

How can you find your perfect audience? What will dazzle them?


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