Some of us don’t want to know the best five or 10 tools for any task; we want to know the best one or two.

Here’s what I asked some of the smartest tweeps I know: “If you were stranded on a (wifi) desert island, which one or two Twitter tools would you want with you and why?”

The responses (you’ll notice a common theme):

Hootsuite is your desert island Twitter tech savior. I find it the most fully featured ‘dashboard’ for managing your Twitter feed, mentions of you on Twitter, keywords you want to track, etc. Plus you can schedule tweets in advance so that when you are busy — like napping in a hammock on the desert island — you can still be present on Twitter.”
>Kat Gordon @katgordon Maternal Instinct

“2 Twitter dashboards are my heavy-duty go-to tools:
Cotweet, which shows all my Twitter account mentions in one view, and
Hootsuite, which lets me slice and dice Twitter streams and influencers into dozens of buckets.”
>JD Lasica @jdlasica

“I would want to have these Twitter tools if I were stranded on a desert island.
1. Hootsuite. I really like having lists, delayed transmission, and keyword searches delivered right to me. I can’t go without this tool.
2. Twitter Grader/Elite by Hubspot. This is an essential tool for finding out who are the influential Twitterers in specific geographies. I’d rather tweet with those in my vicinity than far-off lands. For example, I’m #14 in Burlingame (CA) with a 96.2 score.”
>Michael Neuendorff @michael_n

“Without a doubt I would want HootSuite because it aggregates all of my social networks, it allows me to schedule Tweets and posts to Facebook, LinkedIn & my WordPress blog, and let’s me search for meaningful conversations, plus find people with similar interests. It has a freemium model so for the average person, it’s free.”
>Tracy Sestili @tracysestili Socialstrand

How about you? What’s your favorite Twitter tool?

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